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Happy New Year 2013!!!

2013 has been, in general, a very hard year for everyone. The economical crisis has hit a lot of people who has suffered a lot.

I was lucky as for me it was a year, more or less, like the previous ones but I am aware of what is happening and I am worried about this.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that the situation will change dramatically on 2013 unless we do something.

So, my wishes for next year are that all these people that are in a difficult situation “see a light that guide them” to go away from the situation they are.

What does “the light” mean? The light means a brilliant idea, a continuous effort and a desire stronger than the difficulties. Only with illusion and effort people can go on.

The photo selected to represent this desire was taken last October in Norway: “Aurora Vs. lighting pollution”.

In this photo, the green aurora light competes with the golden colors reflected on the clouds at the background, which are lighting pollution. It also represents the fight between good and evil, the ying and the yang.

I whish that, during 2013, everyone is able to find their “aurora” (green=hope), to go forward, passing over all the issues.

I whish you a Happy 2013!!!

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