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Photo history: Astrantia major

The photo I show you today, Astrantia Major, is (still) not included in any of the Galleries of this website because it does not correspond to any “big travel” but to a Photographic Workshop about Flora from the Pyrenees, by Oriol Alamany, that took place between July 1st and 3rd, 2011, in La Cerdanya (Catalan Pyrenees). Maybe you recognize it from my galleries at Fotonatura and Whytake.

We were approaching a field full of orchids and at the beginning of the path I discovered this curious and nice flower. It was the first time I have seen it and I did not know anything about it, but it attracted my attention so I stopped to take some photos of it.

It was close to a bush, among lights and shades, so I took my “chinesse” (a tiny reflector “made in Hong Kong” that was given to me at a Sonimagfoto Fair stand because I spontaneously became a translator “Spanish-English”) to illuminate it more properly (so to speak, because it is a quite poor quality reflector and it reflects the sunlight in a very special manner), so I started playing with the f-stops in order to obtain enough focus on the flower while keeping a soft background.

I spend more than an hour with this flower, trying to capture all its beauty and all its details, without realizing about the time. It was a short break. I really relaxed and abstracted from the reality.

I like this photo so much, and I hope you like it too.

100 mm, f 5.0, 1/400 sec., ISO 100, Manual, Punctual Measure, Tripod, Reflector and Cable Shouter.

There was a botanic in the group who told me which was that flower and later on, at home, thanks to Saint Google and Saint Wikipedia I found out the rest… It is a Astrantia major, Apiaceae family (same family as the celery, the dill, the carrot and the fennel, among others).

Few weeks after, I went back to the area and I tried to found the flower again… but it was too late. The plant had dried and I found nothing.

I would like to see (and photograph) it again. I’ll have to wait till early summer.

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Photo history: Icelandic horses in the way to Landmannalaugar

This section wants to be a new one at my blog, where I will explain you the history behind a single photo: where I take it and the circumstances around it.

In order to start this section… why not doing it with one of my first photos: Icelandic horses in the way to Landmannalaugar.

1/320 s, f/4,5; ISO 100, 70 mm

If you have a look at the “about me” section, you’ll see that I just started taking nature photos when I took this photo, in July 2007. My first photographic trip was a photographic “workshop” in Iceland, with Iñaki Relanzón, few months after I bought my first digital reflex camera and after doing a weekend course to learn the photographic basics at “Aiguamolls de l’Emporda”, with Iñaki.

We had arrived to Iceland few days before and we were in our way to Landmannalaugar. We had done some stops on that day to take landscape photos and, in one of these stops we were in a narrow place, taking photos. Then a 4WD arrived and stoped, and the people in this vehicle told us to move out of there, because in few minutes a more than 100 horses’ sheep, that they were moving from one place to another, would arrive and, as that place was a narrow one, this could be dangerous for us… Iñaki made us go, and we, resigned, did. We get on the vans and continue our way.

We reached a wide valley and, suddently, Iñaki stopped the van and gave us few instructions to take the horses photos: not to move from the van side as this could be dangerous and… something else that I do not remember now. In few minutes we started seing the horses and my heart started to bit as never… the adrenaline run thru my veins and all my body trembled with the excitement.

As if we were at the American Far-West some (Icelandic) horse riders drived the sheep: some in front, some in the middle and some more at the end. They came troting… fast. When they arrived to the van, the sheep split and some horses went ahead in front of us (so close!) and some more behind the van.

They were 3 intense minutes, between the first and the last photo.

An unforgettable experience!!!

If you’d like that I include in this section a certain photo, do not hesitate to let me know by writting a comment at this blog entry or by using the form.

See you soon!

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