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New Gallery: Madagascar

It took me longer of what I thought, but finally I finished the Madagascar photo selection, so you can have a look at them at the new Gallery.

Mainly, you’ll find a small part of the big biodiversity we were able to see and photograph, and few landscape photos, like this one, from Avenue des Baobabs:

Avenue des Baobabs

The travel was amazing and I would like to come back before what they still have dissapears. I leave the contact for our guide: Olivier, at the Links section, in case you want to travel there.

Do not forget to leave your comments, they are welcome.

See you soon!


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Happy New Year 2014!!!


2013 has become again, a very hard year for a lot of people.

There was a big number wishing it to end, and looking forward to see starting a new one… The New Year is here!!!!

Now we can go ahead and start it with hope.

I wish that the hopes of the new year will help us facing the issues with new eyes, strength and courage.

Happy New Year 2014 to everybody!!

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