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New gallery: Kenya

In 2018 I visited Kenya and came back with a lot of photographs, too many… so many that it was a bit of a muntain to review them. So they were put on one side for many months. It was practically not until the end of 2019 that I started to review them.

There have been a few months of work in which I have deleted those that had no quality enough or those that I did not like and I also have identified all the photographed species. I have also rewrite the list of sighted species (the one I do during the trip) and I have added some photographed species that were not in the list. Sometimes the pace of the safari is so hectic that it is difficult to write it all down.

In the end, the list includes more than 40 mammals, 5 reptiles and around 200 species of birds that we identified.

Our travel started visiting Amboseli National Park, where it is possible to see large groups of elephants.

Then, we continued towards Masai Mara, where it is possible to see the great migration of the wildebeests, but we were not lucky, since they had already migrated and only a small group remained. They made a small attempt, but backed out. Of course, we could see a pair of lions mating and several cheetahs, among others.

After that, we visited a few lakes: Naivasha, Baringo and Bogoria, with a very different fauna: flamingos and other birds linked to this type of biotope.

In Samburu we were able to see a few specimens of the White Rhinoceros. And the guide told us that one that we saw further away was a Black Rhino … but he was in an area with very high grass and only a part of his back was visible … so I can’t confirm it, since I couldn’t see its head.

And at end of our tour, we spent a few days in Samburu and Buffalo Springs, where we could see several leopards, Grevi’s zebras, Oryx … and a lot more animals, as the Gerenuk below.

I hope you like the selection that I have prepared … there are many more, but these are the most representative.

See you in the next gallery!

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