About me

Amateur Nature Photographer since 2007, thanks to Iñaki Relanzón, a great photographer who encouraged me tro try it. I have learnt a lot from Iñaki and I will always thank him for showing the photographic world to me.

Since then, this hobby has been the perfect excuse to visit wonderful places, be in contact with nature and something no less important: to be able to meet other photographers, nature lovers and above all, extraordinary people.

With no clear speciality yet, I enjoy taking landscape, fauna (including birds) and macro photographies.

It can be said that I am a “purist” in the sense that I do not like the photographic manipulations, but I do accept the minimum adjustments needed to develop a Raw file. I believe that a great photo is great if the original camera file is great too.

I would like to improve my photographic skills, to be able to take fantastic shots like the big professionals. For this reason I’ve attended some courses and workshops, but I still have a lot to learn. However, the more I learnt, the more conscious I am about how far my photos are from those from the great photographers… Fortunately I do not live from my photos… and I have no intention of doing so!!!

Another important photographic reference to me is Oriol Alamany. An outstanding photographer who stands out for his human being, his hability to transmit his knowledge and his photographic vision… where most of the people sees nothing… he finds an excelent photo!

Here you’ll find a selection of the photos I have been taken on these last years. Maybe they are not spectacular… but their intention is to reflect the nature I have seen and lived.

I hope you enjoy them!