Photo history: The Emerald Jewel

In 2008 I visited Slovenia. I was in the West (Triglav National Park, Julian Alps and the Emerald Route) the South (Karst caves) and two days in the capital, Ljubljana.

What I liked the most was the West: the landscapes, the color of the water at the rivers… I strongly recommend you to visit that area if you love Landscape Photography (or just landscapes).

We were reaching the end of the “Emerald Route” when we found this true “jewel” thanks to Mr. Kolman, our landlord (a really nice man) who recommended us to visit it. The guide we were carrying only mentioned it exists. We would have skip it if he did not recommended it to us.

10 mm, f18, 30sec., ISO 100, polarizer and tripod.

It is the “Slap Kozjak” (Kozjak Waterfall).

The 15 meter high waterfall impresses not for its height but for its beauty. The water has been carving the stone creating a semi-sphere cavity, broken at the top from where the water falls.

The humidity is so high and the dark stones (nearly black) that surround this beauty are covered by a thin green coverage with the water color to match.

I call it “the Emerald Jewel”, because for me, it is a small jewel that saturated my retina of an emerald green, that green that I like so much, that I always keep in my mind and that it gives me a tranquility sensation when I see it again.

Green is one of my favorite colors.  I believe that this is the reason why I specially love this photo and the one of the previous post.

Do you have any color you specially love? Which one?

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  1. Lourdes Barceló Pi Monday April 22nd, 2013 at 04:30 PM #

    Esther… Una fantàstica foto d’un lloc amagat… a Eslovenia!
    Es realment cert tot el que descrius d’aquest petit pais! Ho vaig poder comprovar els quinze dies que hi vaig estar l’estiu del 2007

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